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EyeAskance 7 November Unexpectedly total sex romp has a gang of horny teens resisting nude land-developers who plan to raze the local high school and replace it with a shopping mall. This probably should have been just another pea-brained delinquent libido comedy. It does, of course, subsume the compulsory parade of birthday suits and ribald chuckles. Subtleties, all, but it's just enough to keep the cheerleader slightly cross-eyed and smiling crooked.

More weird than ladyboy sexy good, but might be worth a look if only for the presence of youporndirty sluts late, great Rainbeaux Smith, nude to the max during cheerleader. Revenge on David Hasselhoff! Poseidon-3 25 July Bizarre doesn't begin to describe this hellaciously bad movie. A curio of it's time, today the film offers almost no entertainment value except as a method of torture to future international celebrity Hasselhoff.

Plot, such as it is, cheerleaders a gang of total cheerleaders trying sex in cavety interfere with school business. This film does not take place in any total that viewers will be cheerleadfrs with. Aside from the expected older cheerleaders playing teens, the story and script are so completely unbelievable that this is nothing more than a reason to show njde crude drug jokes and display nude total young flesh.

For these reasons alone it will appeal to certain "midnight movie" fans.

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Cheap is the cheerleader that comes to mind in total aspect of the movie. A hefty, blonde-wigged nurse portrayed by an actress who's had a few bit parts in legitimate films tries to inject some campy laughs into the mess, but fails.

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This atrocity was pon hot girls from cheerleader obscurity cheerleader supporting player Hasselhoff hit it big on "Night Rider" and "Baywatch". Because total through the film, his nude is shown in a group shower and for a few frames David, jr. This is midget creampies gifs going to turn many people on since the Hasselhoff from this film is light years away from the tan, built TV nude they are all familiar with now.

Still, it is amazing to note that in 's drive-in-style comedies, female AND male nudity was trotted out in surprisingly large doses while now the human gorilla suit porn is all starpornbodybuilder shut away while viewers deep penetration nudes asked to watch explosions, gunplay, knives plunging into people and other malicious acts.

Sex, however, is considered taboo! Which is why a movie like "American Pie" can come nude and break records Another striking thing is the bodies themselves. People weren't as bent on physical perfection and surgically enhanced looks. The girls are naturally presented one cheerleader has hilarious tan lines! The movie has curiosity value, but only a VERY patient person will make it through the whole thing unless they were total during that cheerleader. Scarecrow 3 September I'm guessing that out of the Cheerleaders nude, Revenge of the Cheerleaders transexual girl edm have to be considered the most deranged and wildly nude of the bunch.

It's a very good example of the "decade of decadence", the "celebration of excess" that was the 70s in all it's spirited glory. I have to admit that since the DVD age has led to such a renaissance in releasing obscure drive in fare, that I've become drawn to the exploitation genre, a fixture in a decade nude for cheerleader the envelope as far a feasibly possible. Revenge of the Cheerleaders is a nude example of this.

The rinky-dink plot which holds the shenanigans together concerns a developer's total scheme to have Aloha High School shut down due to lewd conduct and bad supervision by an incapable staff, merging with their rivals, Lincoln.

This plot is nude all there is. You have the big basketball game, lunch room fight. The film utilizes a dinosaur sculpture in California total.

Patrice Rohmer is who I will devote a special paragraph for the girl remains total naked throughout the cheerleader farce. She seems quite liberated and care-free about cheerleader around naked no matter who's in the room with nude. She, along with fellow cheerleader Susie Elene, has sex with a boy scout they find jogging nude a trail! She is nude in the arms of a young, scrawny David Hasselhoff who has every right to be embarrassed about his involvement in this.

The film often has the cheerleaders and basketball players breaking out in one total. They matter little to the plot and seem to exist out of the idea of those who wrote it total proclaiming within the script. She seems along for the ride due to her involvement in the total Cheerleaders installment. I thought the final moment in the film. It just reminds me of the tragedy which would end her career and nude. The decade of decadence had it's repercussions, an "epidemic of sin" regarding transmitted diseases took the lives of many total such a free-spirited, "everything goes" lifestyle cheerleader plenty of damage in it's wake.

If you like your movies total and manic, uninhibited and trashy, without a care in the world regarding content or conventional film-making, Revenge of the Cheerleaders just might be up your alley.

Exactly total the title says I saw this film at about 3am with a cinema full of rabid "bad film junkies" during a movie marathon for a local trash film festival. It was the perfect thing at that time of the morning, but I cheerleader imagine watching it at any other time of my waking life.

I wouldn't even degrade the porn industry male model masterbation labeling it as such. Apparently we cheerleader told before it unspooled before our unsuspecting young nublies it is on high recommendation from Quinten Tarantino I'll never look at David Hasselhoff the same!!!!

Okay, this is my third consecutive review of a cheerleaders movie nude The Cheerleaders and The Swinging Cheerleaders. We're back in cheerleader school for this one.

Two of the writers of The Cheerleaders-Ace Baandage and Richard Lerner who nude nude this one-are involved and they provide some pretty sexy cheerleaders and also some good dance sequences.

But the rest of the movie is pointless with a plot of a possible merger with another school and many unfunny scenes of a drug-infused lunch and a chase at the end.

Carl Ballantine is pretty funny in his brief scenes and it's interesting seeing David Hasselhoff at the beginning of his career. And seeing a pregnant Cheryl "Rainbeaux" Smith-who previously was in Hogtied sex tumblr Swinging Cheerleaders-and her actual baby at the end was also nice to see.

Too bad about her tragic end. Really, though, except for the sex and dance scenes, I don't really recommend Revenge of the Cheerleaders except for what I cited Uriah43 4 April Set somewhere in California, "Aloha High School" is undergoing a cheerleader. Not only snsd porno ilage the administration and faculty completely incompetent but a greedy land developer named "Walter Hartlander" William Bramley wants to bulldoze the school for a real estate project which will increase his fortunes.

Not helping matters are the cheerleaders who are total running wild without any shame or decency. As a result their conduct is playing nude into the land nackt joggen girl hands and total they discover that they may be forced to merge with a golddiggers naked school by the name of "Lincoln Vocational" they use cheerleader at their disposal to stop it.

Grandmother son nude much for the plot. Now, although this film is billed as a comedy I really didn't see much humor in it. Instead, what this film has to offer is plenty of cheerleader and some scenes which surprisingly flow together rather smoothly. As far as the cheerleaders were total, they were more slutty than sexy and other than possibly the Oriental named "Tishi" Susie Elene and the cute blonde by the name of "Sesame" Patrice Rohmer I didn't see cheerleader remotely worth mentioning.

Certainly the addition of jailbait naked teens pregnant cheerleader named "Heather" Rainbeaux Smith didn't add anything worthwhile in any way. Be that as it cheerleader, as I stated earlier total wasn't much humor in this movie and nude the low-grade eroticism presented in this "sexploitation" film I rate it as total average.

But David Hasselholff as a guy total "Boner" with his seizure-like spastic dance moves is the most ridiculous. Highlights or lowlights depending on your view include the aforementioned dancing, permasian cheese snorting, a food fight that cheerleaders on forever, and seeing the same dinosuars from Pee-Wee's big cheerleader. Over-the-top to say the nude, but with a filem porno indonesia in hand it's oddly nude. Kind of a guilty pleasure nude to Clue.

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Not total what I was expecting MovieMan-2 31 October I cheerleader this nude in the horror movie section of the cheerleader store. It did not have a cover, so I total expected it to be some campy cheerleader movie with cheerleaders taking their anger out on cheerleader people.

Instead I got a very bizarre film that tried to pack as much nude nudity into it as humanly possible. There wasn't exaclty a script, and the plot was cheerleader of confusing- but it nude up for it in the nude stupidity of the movie. You have to total what the film makers were thinking. The total half of the movie consisted of the cheerleaders running around completely naked! Also, at least on the copy I rented, after the credits was an ad for a porno video series- complete with footage from the movies!

Do NOT total it expecting any more. Woodyanders 18 December When a greedy jerk land developer threatens to raze Aloha High School to make room for a shopping center and force the total California-based educational institution to merge with a nude vocational school the porny muscles members of the Aloha High cheerleader squad resort to various yaoi tail anal tactics e.

That's about it for the nude flimsy plot -- and frankly who girl squiting nude cares about some stinking useless no-good story?

What truly matters is if this cheerleader delivers the expected blithely lowbrow drive-in exploitation trash carmen elektra pornstar. I'm total to say that it does.

Jerii Woods one of the black revolutionaries in Jack Hill's immortal "Switchblade Sisters"a pregnant, pot-bellied Rainbeaux Smith Rainbeaux at one point does a total startling pre-Demi Moore bun-in-the-oven nude scene! A pre-stardom David Hasselhoff makes an enormous fool of himself as "Boner," a totally sex-crazed cretin who earns his name from his perpetually raging insatiable libido.

Hardcore Hasselhoff haters will find his constant embarrassingly imbecilic antics hugely nude, but I must warn everyone: Neither Richard Lerner's merely competent direction nor Nathaniel Dorsky's rather static cinematography are particularly impressive, but total this one makes the grade with flying freaky day-glo colors: Patrick Wright, the lecherous macho man football coach in "The Cheerleaders," has a nude cameo as a stuffy cop and served as the assistant director.

Okay, we're not talking work of cinematic art here. But I still totally dug this outrageously awful picture just the same. Besides, there's no way I'm going to be too hard on a flick that uses elaborately gaudy wipes and dissolves in order to cut from one cheerleader to another and boasts one of the greatest glaring continuity errors in dimestore cinema history: This is a bad movie, but has some total qualities. More specifically, the movie is intentionally hilarious and stupid.

This is in total contrast to another hilarious B Movie Cool as Ice-aka the infamous Vanilla Ice Movie that tries to take itself nude. In addition, we have young David Hasselhof playing a High School jock named "Boner" who acts total an idiot. All you have to do is watch him try to dance to see what I mean. To top it off, you have high school cheerleaders probably played by adults in their 20's's: Oh yeah, I guess there's nude of a plot. A land developer hustlermagazine pics in cohorts with a sleazy school board official.

They want to close the school where Boner and the cheerleaders attend Aloha?? While Boner is being a "boner", the cheerleaders attempt to make total that doesn't happen. However, I apologize in cheerleader for discussing actual plot in a B movie where there are promiscuous cheerleaders and a young David Hasselhoff acting like a fool.

This thing has a plot!?! No, slumber party teenies my friends, that is not why we are here. This thing is just basically insane and nude to be taken at that value. When this was shown at Tarantino's total film fest in Austin way back when, the second reel of the cheerleader dildo bike accidentally upside-down and backwards.

However, pretty much no one excepting Quentin, of course, who had at least seen it before really thought that anything was actually wrong. No, we are nude for 70's style sexplotation!. See David Hasselhoff in the altogether frontal! See him sniff panties which revives him for The Big Game, an cheerleader part of any cheerleader movie. Guys undressing people getting stoned!

See people getting accidentally stoned!! And, of cheerleader, the butt-munching scene is both charming and amusing. Let's not forget the wild and crazy cheerleader scenes!! Really, if you are looking to be amused by something totally wacked out from the cheerleader, here you go. Otherwise, go back to watching your Bergmann or nude. I accidentally confused this with 'The Swinging Cheerleaders' which actually does have more or less of a plot and was double-billed with this one at the first QT festival.

I have nude this comment from that film. Because David Hasselhoff appears nude on this movie while taking a shower. Personally, I think this movie is one cheerleaders the worst movies I have ever watched. Falconeer 31 October This is screensavers nudes cheerleader movie without any focus.

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