City Street Style Takes the Catwalk with a Fresher Perspective

Fashion is an ever-evolving field, with trends coming in from all directions and influences making their way onto our clothes. As the industry continues to evolve, we’re seeing the rise of city street style taking the catwalk by storm, refreshed with a new perspective and newfound popularity. It’s the perfect marriage between classic city style and the boldness of today’s fashion trends.

To understand city street style, it’s important to recognize where it originated. In the early 2000s, street fashion began infiltrating high fashion. With the rise of hip hop culture, celebrities like Jay-Z, Kanye West, and Pharrell Williams began to make their mark on the fashion scene as they pushed the boundaries of everyday street wear. This trend proved to be popular with not only the celebrity-set, but with everyday people everywhere.

Today, street styles have a much broader range of influence. From punk and skate to high-end luxury and everything in between, fashion is seeing a convergence of a variety of aesthetics. When it comes to street style, there are certain elements that combine to create the desired aesthetic: loud patterns, bold colors, and casual silhouettes.

For men, there’s the classic look that includes bright prints, logo hoodies, matching jogger pants, and worn-in sneakers. Man-buns are still popular, nodding to the skater-style look that has crossed over from grungy gardens and skate parks to everyday street style. Additionally, the streetwear trend encourages layering and mixing and matching colors and prints.

Street style brings a much-needed contrast to the often-minimalist and androgynous fashion looks seen on the runways. This bolder take on fashion features easier-to-wear clothing that still makes a statement. To achieve a street style look, it is best to wear a combination of comfort and confidence. Start with a simple foundation and add layers or accessories that can be toned up or toned down as desired.

For women, street style can take on a romantic and feminine look with lace skirts, chiffon blouses and floral tops. Bold accessories, such as statement jewelry and unique bags, can really add a touch of flair to this look. If a more polished street style look is desired, culottes and a structured blazer are great options.

Footwear also plays an important role in the street style trend. Whether fashionistas are going for the punk rock style or something more preppy, comfort and personality will always be key. Converse, Vans, and Doc Martens are some of the classic shoe brands that remain popular to this day. Also on-trend are slip-on loafers, bold patent leather boots, and classic statement sneakers.

As we move towards a new future in fashion, street styles will undoubtedly continue to be more than just a passing trend. With the merging of different aesthetics and the increased importance of comfort and convenience, we can all be sure that street style will be a key part of the fashion equation for years to come.

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